Dr. Demetrice Smith’s mission is to encourage, equip, empower, and assist in the areas of professional development, business growth, and mental wellness strategies for individuals and groups. She has created ‘The Professional Storehouse’ where she has compiled a diverse portfolio of specialized solutions, specifically for coaching leaders and helping them hone in on their best methodologies. Her uncanny ability to brainstorm fail-proof remedies for success is a hallmark of business success. She works hard to help others transform their lives and is passionate about advocating for the highly skilled as well as those in need.

Demetrice has also founded ‘CreepingVinesOnline’, a 501c3 corporation, to help advance mental wellness and empower individuals with mental illness and other brain conditions

Creeping Vines Online is dedicated to educating the community about those with mental health care needs. This non-profit is a medium to unmask the stigma of mental illness through assessments, training, workshops and professional referrals. Her primary goal is to promote open conversation amongst like individuals about their condition without fear or hopelessness. In her efforts, she aims to empower individuals to get needed help, assist organizations in devising plans and protocols to support healing, and offer families practical solutions to thrive.

The Professional Storehouse (TPS)

What is the Professional Storehouse?

The Professional Storehouse (TPS) catalog of information and contents, assists business leaders and entrepreneurs in jump-starting a next-level transition. We help with realizing plans for success, advancement, and growth, while adapting to changing times and economic environments. We advocate for the success of our clients progression in their businesses and career through effective communication, detailed analysis stratagem, and follow-up.

Who is the Professional Storehouse for?


The Professional Storehouse (TPS) was specifically complied for leaders who want to become more competitive in the marketplace, acquire new business, enhance their professional skills, become more effective communicators, add to their technical skills toolkit, or create brand loyalty within their business. Whoever you are and whatever challenges you are facing, there is something in The Professional Storehouse for you!

Creeping Vines Online (CVO)

What is Creeping Vines Online?

Creeping Vines Online (CVO) is a platform to educate and support mental wellness and brain health within families, individuals, the workplace, and community by sharing support to assist in healing the influences of depression and other mental health concerns

Who is Creeping Vines Online for?

Creeping Vines Online (CVO) was incorporated to assist individuals who are dealing with depression and other mental illnesses, along with brain health conditions such as intellectual or developmental disabilities. We create customized programming to support inclusion, enhance communication, and involve families in managing daily routines, work or school commitments, and strengthening independence and interpersonal relationships.

Coming Soon: Serving From Below

Exploring Leadership in Least Likely People

What is Serving From Below?

Everyone can be a leader. Many do it naturally and without giving it much thought, not realizing the true impact they are making in the lives of others. Maybe you’re that kind of leader: unnoticed, unqualified, and in some cases overlooked. You don’t realize what you are really doing is serving others from your place of influence, from your posture of humility. Although anonymous in many cases, you’re serving others well… from below.

In the soon to be released book from author, Dr. Demetrice Smith. She  examines the core prescription for effectively leading others…selflessness. She also highlights that leaders are all around us, in unlikely places, making a huge impact, demonstrating how we can all become better leaders.

Podcast: Perfect Chaos

Our thinking can get cloudy sometimes, especially with continuous change. In my reflections, I reposition the pieces so you’re able to see them anew…amidst the impossibilities. What would leaving your mind free to create again, build again, and reimagine more mean to you?

Dr. Smiths podcast can be found on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Cast, Radio Public, Breaker and RSS.


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