Unmasking is not like unrobing or undressing. It is not done in one sitting or completed in one attempt. Real unmasking takes time. Like many other needful and relevant steps taken toward a future of healing, wholeness, and hope – it’s a painful process. The first step to unmasking is to admit the face looking back at you in the mirror is not you, but another one of your representatives.

How do we get masked in the first place? What causes one to cover up or conceal? There are many reasons why, but usually a traumatic or painful episode can cause one to take an emotional retreat inside oneself never to return and as a result mask after mask is created – not only as a covering for the internal hurt, but as a wall blocking outside solutions – much like how a vine slowly covers a fence but soon conceals the entire house.

QUESTION: What do you do when you are wearing a mask and don’t even know it.

Depression for me was a norm. It was what I felt and believed everyone felt. It was a deep, crying on the inside sadness that lingered continually despite efforts to heal and feel better. I realized after I became an adult that dying inside was not what everyone was doing….then why was I?

So, after taking inventory of my hurts, accomplishments, trauma experiences, and life changes I began to put things in context, to make what I was feeling make sense.
OK, so that’s why I’m broken.
That’s why I’m insecure.
That’s why I’m different.
That’s why I’m living in an emotional cave.
That’s why……

Taking inventory helped me to understand my immediate challenges with depression but it also helped me to begin to create the (mis)labels that would later define me, and the truth I told myself. I knew why I was broken but that didn’t give me the right to call myself broken, or worse to continue live like it. I knew why I was insecure, but that was my label, not God’s.

I had placed myself in a pool of new understanding, yet while at the same time drowning who I was meant to be; who I was destined to be.

A big part of unrobing (unmasking) is to take away the labels you have given yourself, because as long as you wear them, you hinder your ability to heal.

Take the labels off. Then take the mask off and watch your own transformation unfold.

Until next time, Be free.

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