It is often said that the best way to learn is by one’s own mistakes. Very little is said however about learning from one’s own successes, especially when it comes from starting over. In business staring over involves more than most of us realize we can offer, or does it?


A green screen basically lets you drop in whatever background images you want behind the actors and/or foreground. It’s used in film production, and also in news and weather reports, to relatively simply place the desired background behind the subject/actor/presenter and give the impression of something desired that actually isn’t really there. Often in business, we have to imagine with a green screen what it is we desire and then make it happen.

If you want to acquire more clients and are unsure how to appeal to the market, drop a green screen on your website, for instance – a new marketing page testing out what seems like a weird or strange idea and see how it goes. You may be surprised how many people will love the new ideas you have. Wait! Won’t this confuse my current marketing or branding messaging? Absolutely not. Why not? Because it’s only a green screen, a temporary message that is carefully worded, colored, and inserted into your current content to appeal and catch the eye of both your now and your NEXT audience! A green screen is fluid and changeable and is never flat and the most important thing is it BLENDS into your current background in a way that I not at all intrusive, but draws the audience in so that you can have a conversation with them as they visit your site. 

It’s time to recreate yourself with a new set of ideas. Get going with a simple image as a conversation starter in the background. Ready, set, go!