After years of building successful businesses for herself, creating personal branding, and getting awards in business, operations management, and change leadership, she realized she could help others become stronger leaders and entrepreneurs. “I believe in the power of a full tool-kit and knowing how to effectively use each tool and in which season each is needed”. “Learning to me is like gardening….if you plant, water, and trust God, something is going to come forth. Whatever you invest into yourself will eventually become fruitful, valuable, and useful.”

I love developing leaders, helping them hone in on their best factors, features, and fail-proof remedies for success. I enjoy seeing others transform their lives through high-value actions, consistency, and persistence.

As a youth, I was always inquisitive and had a love for reading, growing, and learning that has catapulted me into nurturing the same in others. I have taken everything I have ever succeeded at or been exposed to, and placed it into an IDEA REPOSITORY that is available to each client.

I am a wife, mother and confidant. I love travelling, trying new foods, and decorating office and home spaces. I try to learn a new skill every year, as well as practice self-care. My latest creative venture: designing and painting fashion and home accessories.



What we offer

We offer a wide variety of services. The following shows an abbreviated listing of our services. Please visit ‘The Professional Storehouse’ and ‘Creeping Vines Online’ for more information

Wellness Solutions

Individual and Family Support Groups, Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facilities Referrals, Seminars & Education, Mental Health Practitioner Counseling Referrals, Resource Listings.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Wellness Coaching for individuals and families. Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Development for women and men. Youth Mental Wellness Empowerment Seminars, #Mentalk mental wellness campaigns to empower men dealing with mental health concerns.

Assessment and Advocacy

Custom Programming for individuals with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability (IDD), Inclusion and Engagement Seminars for schools and businesses, Brain Health Assessments and Screening for Referrals

Idea Repository

When working with our clients and making recommendations, we utilize reliable information that provides a thorough, well-reasoned theory, argument, practical application, and discussion. It is based on proven methodology and strong evidence.

Professional Solutions

Training, Coaching and Mentoring, Speaking, Editing and Proofing,
Curriculum Design and Development.

Business Solutions

Audits, Process Flow Mapping, Quality Analysis, Post Check Up, Benefits Analysis, Problem Solving Analysis, Decision Making Analysis, Cause Analysis, Force Field Analysis