COMING SOON: Serving From Below


**Release Date is Spring 2022. Pre-Sale is available.**

Serving From Below examines the core prescription for effectively leading others…selflessness. It also reminds us that leaders are all around us, in unlikely places, making a huge impact, demonstrating how we can all become better leaders.

In this anecdotal treatment of servant-leadership, I extract the powerful impact of leading others deferentially; a motivation not rooted in influence, title, status, or pedigree. It is instead, contingent upon the authentic care of another’s success beyond a personal or tangible benefit to oneself. When one embraces the fulfilling opportunity to contribute unexpectedly to the betterment of others, going beyond the personal sense of meaning and purpose that often accompanies altruistic behavior, it has the power to forever change how we view acts of service, and ultimately how we view ourselves.

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